We can help you protect the most important part of your car -
the tires. Properly maintained tires are extremely important for
the safety of your vehicle. Your tires are your vehicle's only
contact with the road. Tires that are worn, cracked or out
of balance can seriously effect your ability to drive and
control your car.


To order new tires: we need the size/name of the tire/vehicle type.

Example:   205/65R15 94H, Continental Cross Contact, 2000 Toyota Camry.





Useful Info

Following are the services that we provide in order to keep your tires in the best condition.


We sell new and used tires.
We sell most major brands.

We will check your tire pressure.
We will check for air leaks.
We plug tires.
We patch tires.
We mount and balance tires to rims up to 24".
We can get your rim repaired.
We can get you new rims.