The list of common helpful tips you'll find in this section will save you time, money and frustration while dealing with your vehicle. Let a professional take care of your car for you. Then you can get back on the road.



Some important tips:

The list of common tips you will find in this section will help you save time, money and frustration:

  • When you buy a new car, take time to read the Users Manual.

  • Never remove the radiator cap when your vehicle is hot.

  • Many auto accidents are due to lack of regular maintenance.

  • Replace your air filter more often in dusty conditions.

  • Check your owners manual for the correct fuel octane for your vehicle.

  • Inflate tires to the proper level to get the most miles per gallon.

  • Use the air conditioning sparingly. A/c puts an extra fuel load on your vehicle.

  • Use cruise control to maintain a constant speed, therefore reducing fuel consumption.

  • Inspect your suspension system to prolong the life of your tires.

  • Late model cars change oil every 5000 miles.
  • Rotate tires with your oil change every 5000 miles
  • Never fix a tire damaged on the sidewall, its dangerous
  • Check engine light does not mean you have an emergency. Check your gauges for
  • anything abnormal first, then bring it in if your gauges are ok.

  • Check your tire pressure once per month.

  • Hear a metal to metal sound coming from your wheels? Probably your brakes. Get it     checked right away.

  • Car shaking when braking? Probably your brake rotors. Get it checked right away.

  • Tire almost flat? Don't drive on it, you will ruin the tire. It is more expensive to replace
  • the tire than to fix it. Put some air in it and come on in.

  • Low oil pressure light. Don't drive your car until you check your oil first.

  • Coolant light. Don't drive your car until you check your coolant first.

  • Even with an automatic car you can down shift going downhill to save your brakes.

  • Cracks in your tires? Time to replace them.